It is possible to export and ship stingrays safely to countries anywhere in the world. With more than two years experience shipping stingrays to Asia, America and Europe, you can order your stingrays with confidence wherever you live.


The fish are packed in a special double insulated bag filled with water and oxygen. Everything is transported in a Styrofoam box, which is kept at the right temperature by heat packs. The barb of the stingrays are protected by plastic or rubber sleeves. Through experience and the right connections in different countries, the fish are transported smoothly, quickly and safely with minimal stress for the new owner and the fish themselves. Our agents are members of IPATA and AATA.

First, the barb of the rays are being protected:
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Then the fish are packed in a special double insulated bag filled with water and oxygen:
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It will take 1 to 3 heat packs, depending on the temperature, to keep the water warm enough. Then the Styrofoam box will be closed and will be provided with appropriate markings.

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The stingrays are now ready to be exported. The right papers and documents are very important, to prevent delays of the shipment. Through agreements with specialized doctors for health declarations and agreements with agents in different countries, risks are minimized.

The pictures below show a box and the belonging stingrays at receiving after more than 30 hours. The water is very clear, the bags are still filled with air, the water temperature is still good and most important, the stingrays are healthy and very much alive. In this case the stingrays ate within one hour after being acclimatized to their new aquarium:

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