Black diamond leopoldi

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A black diamond leopoldi differs from a regular leopoldi when some of the following characteristics are present:

  • The black colour is more intense
  • Spots are present in greater numbers and are whiter
  • Iris of the eye is usually white
  • Edgespotting (spots on the edge of the disc)
  • Belly spotting (spots at the bottom of the disc) is often present at later age  


The extent to which these properties are present determine the quality of the stingray. Still it`s often a matter of taste, one person prefers big dots, the other many small spots, etc.

Currently there are several young black diamond leopoldi stingrays available. Both male and female. They eat frozen food and have a disksize of approximately 13 cm (5 - 6 inch). The parents are specifically selected to produce the best quality offspring. For example, one of the fathers of the latest offspring is a thousand island black diamond with an extreme pattern:


Note, some of the pictures show stingrays that are just a few hours old, thus the eventual coloring is not completely visible yet. Yet the newborn rays already show their good potential, looking at the amount of spots, the size of the spots and the edge spotting. As you can see, the black diamond mother and father have very good genes.

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