Potamotrygon leopoldi

Both the regular leopoldi as the black diamond are being divided in to variants by most breeders. This is mainly considered by looking at the spots:

  • Big spot, bigger spots
  • Eclips, spots in shape of circles  
  • Letter, spots in the form of letters and other shapes
  • Thousand island, several small spots in between the larger spots


All variants are beeing bred by me and are offered on this website. It is not always a guarantee that parents inherit these characteristics, but the probability is high. Often these characteristics are shown even at a young age of the newly born stingrays. Of course, the parents of the offered stingrays are known and information can supplied upon request.

Currently black diamond leopoldi (father) x leopoldi (mother) stingrays (bdxleo) only rarely bred. Main focus is on pure black diamond. Please ask for availablity. The parents are specifically selected to produce the best quality offspring.

For more information please email to: [email protected]

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