Potamotrygon sp. pearl

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When breeding pearl stingrays the aim is to achieve the lightest and brightest coloration of the offspring. It is also important that the `pearls` don’t break open, what happens to most pearl rays at a later age. Often pearl stingrays get uglier as they grow older. It is thus very important to select the right breeding animals. For this reason a breeding male was chosen who has an exceptional light, bright and beautiful pattern despite his advanced age (8+ years old), see photo below.


Currently there are several young F1 pearl stingrays available. They eat frozen food and have a disksize of approximately 12 - 14 cm (5 - 6 inch). The parents are specifically selected to produce the best quality offspring. The father is the male showed above.

Note, some of the pictures show stingrays that are just a few hours old, thus the eventual coloring is not completely visible yet. Yet the newborn rays already show their good potential. At the bottom of this page the current stock is listed, for more information please email to: [email protected]

Recently a breeding program was started with the goal to breed the best quality albino pearl stingrays. These white stingrays have a orange pattern and are a spectacular sight in any aquarium. A picture of the future breeding male is shown below.


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