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The batman stingray is a unique fish, which is rarely seen. Batman rays are the result of a special development during the embryonic growth of the disc. The frontal surface of the disc hasn`t closed, as it usually does. Batman rays are extremely rare and exclusive. This morph is very uncommon, and no one to date has been able to deliberately reproduce these stingrays with success. Just like albino stingrays, the batman stingray is usually only seen in captivity because the survival rate in the wild is next to none. This is due to predation and competition for food. They live just like normal stingrays and move, eat, and act alike.

During feeding time it’s wise to give slightly more attention to a batman stingray. This special care must be provided as they tend to have a harder time competing for food. Apart from a few batman stingray in captivity, there is very little known about this special appearance.

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The batman stingray above is very healthy, active and has no problem competing for food. The spots still have to turn white, but even now it`s is stunning. Until now only one other leopoldi batman is known off, which makes this stingray unique in the world. For more information please email to: [email protected] 

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