Received three P14 pups from Stingraywebshop. The rays arrived in very good shape. Boxed professionally in stryo box individually bagged with oxygen and heat packs. 

Travel time was 5 hours on the ground with another 8 hour flight from The Netherlands to The USA. The pups were fat and healthy, eating right after being acclimated. He is a real nice guy to work with. 



February, picked up a female Black Diamond at Stingraywebshop. The small stingray was over one month old and swam very actively between a dozen other puppies. For the transportation the little stingray went into a big bag supplemented with oxygen. After more than one hour in the car the stingray did not seem to be influenced by the transportion. It was so active that it ate after 5 minutes in my tank!

Meanwhile the stingray is with me for about a month. She is doing great and is extremely beautiful. I haven`t regretted the purchase for a minute.

Definitely recommended, thanks!

Recently I`ve been here to enlarge my stingray collection. An appointment was not difficult because of the very flexible attitude! A good and very welcome reception was followed by a short guided tour of the breeding facility. After that I had a look at the offspring. The choice was difficult, simply because all fish are of good quality, leopoldi, black diamond, P14, etc.

The packaging was also perfect. Large bags with sufficient oxygen is a must for healthy animals to be transported. Once home the animals ate within 24 hours!



Thank you for these magnificent specimens. It was over six months since I got my first order of four P14 itaituba and I`ve never been so happy with my stingrays. The super quality packing as always and the quick answers I received every time and prompt delivery is probably the best within our borders of Europe. I would like to thank you for doing a superb job, as you do every time to keep all of us customers really happy.

I will of course make an order for a bunch of black diamond leopoldi in the near future.

Thanks again and thanks for all good customer support!

PS. The monster big spot Itaituba P14 is like candy Yummy Yummy ;)

It has been real pleasure to work with Stingraywebshop. Fast reply's on queries and instructed acclimation and puppy care well. We made a group order of 9 BDxLeos with shipping to Finland: four pairs and one additional female. The pups were only few weeks old, but in excellent condition. Rays were distributed for separate owners and acclimated directly into their tanks. Now all pups are eating well and looking healthy.

Thanks a lot Lode for really well organized order,

Looking for exceptional stingrays? Then Stingraywebshop´s facility definitely is the right place to visit. We arranged a meeting, got very interesting information and bought a few gorgeous P. itaituba pups. We have a feeling it was not the last time we were there.

Looking forward to meeting you soon again,
Jan and Radim

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