This website is dedicated to the stingrays I breed and export. In the for sale section there is an overview of the freshwater stingrays that are available.

Since 2004 I’ve kept and bred stingrays as a hobby. The passion to breed the highest quality stingrays continued to grow over the years. To achieve this goal the best breeding animals were collected from several breeders and were imported from Brazil and other countries. The search for the best rays, however, will proceed continuously.

The selection and crossing of freshwater stingrays with the best genes is a process that takes years. At the moment dozens of breeding animals (leopoldi black diamond, sp. pearl, henlei and P14 itaituba) are housed in the breeding facility with over 20,000 liters of water.

Extra information about the breeding animals and the stingrays for sale is available upon request. With more than two years experience shipping stingrays, it is safe to send your newly acquired stingrays all over the world. The stingrays will be packed in isolated boxes, with fresh pure oxygen and heat packs to keep the water warm. Below a picture of one of the breeding tanks.


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